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Why Safety Minded Culture Isn’t Enough: Workers Comp

In an industry survey taken earlier this year 67% of businesses claimed that the most effective measure of controlling workers’ comp cost was having a “safety-minded culture” in every day work.   While this may be true in this survey, it’s important to realize why safety-minded education may not be enough to protect your business.

What this same survey showed was that a large number (45%) of companies in different industries didn’t utilize any return to work policy for their employees in the case of an injury.  What that means is an injured employee won’t have direction when injured on the job and find themselves in a world of unnecessary treatment and expenses that cost their employers large amounts of financial burden.

With not only a return to work policy in place, but an experienced return-to-work cost containment company that specializes in workers compensation bill review and case management you’ll see dramatic reduction in overall expenses.  While workplace education has a positive impact on workplace safety, injuries happen.  When they do, education simply won’t provide you the care you need with minimal costs.   As a business owner it’s important to be as prepared as possible to care for your employees the way they deserve.  At CompComplete we understand claims and billing and can reduce unnecessary treatment and fees to get your employees fully-recovered with a smaller financial impact than you ever thought possible.  As helpful as education and a safety minded workplace is to the health of your employees, it may not be enough.  We’re here to be the resource that can be.
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