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What is a Case Manager?

RN Case Manager:   A term used only by RNs – can provide case management services in the insurance field, in-hospital or community health services. Term is not just used in workers compensation. In the Georgia workers compensation arena RN’s must be certified by at least 1 of 4 Boards.  CDMS , CCM or Occupational Health or Rehab Nursing.  Duties in workers comp are to  coordinate medical and vocational services assuring optimum medical care and suitable employment.  Most nurses identify themselves as RN Case Managers.

Case Manager:
 This term is used in many areas; vocational counselors and social workers use this in Georgia  workers compensation, also in community health fields. In Georgia, Counselors too must be certified to provide services in workers comp.  Case manager is also a term used in hospitals for persons providing discharge services and community re-entry and even some Social Security offices use the term Case Manager for persons reviewing claims for disability; not requiring national or state certification. So Case manager can be a title with many duties; therefore most professionals denote Vocational or Medical Case manager which may be just a different educational back ground from the RN.  Again in Georgia they would be certified by a national agency to provide workers compensation case management.
Catastrophic Case Manager: In Georgia workers comp this is an additional certification given for experience and education in providing case management services to the catastrophically injured; this includes spinal cord injuries, Traumatic Brain/Head Injuries, Amputations, Burns and Industrial Blindness. Others states and agencies may also use this term to denote level of experience in dealing with difficult cases.
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